visual/audio artist • oneirism  
 _ Bio / Artist Statement 

Based in Paris, I’m a visual artist and music composer, who mixes analog and digital photography to express my vision. I studied cinema for 6 years, an academic path that laid the roots for my passion for images. A passion that led me 10 years later to the still image studying at a photographic school to achieve a Professional Photography Master, RNCP level 1, at SPEOS, Paris, and learn more about the techniques and the market.

It is a primary obsession to see and apprehend the world that led me to visual arts. Fascinated by nature and its wilderness, I’m inspired by the angles, the space and the volumes that it offers us. In a world constantly moving, photography allows me to take the time : to observe, compose and understand. Through a practice located at the intersection of staging and pure reality, I found a way to tell stories and concepts.

My series question the connection between human and his environment and push me to rethink my own relationship to the world around me. I’m trying to include myself drawing real and virtual lines, applying a momentary luminous imprint or capturing it in its simple brutality. Through my work I want to question the appropriation of space by humankind, the conservation of our primary resources and the evolution of our species in an uncertain universe.

 _ Publications 

- BROAD Magazine / "Memory Palace" - Work presentation.
- PHASES Mag / "The Call" project - Work presentation.
- FISHEYE Mag / "Vestiges du présent" - Interview and work presentation.
- Life Framer / "Souvenirs from Earth" - Now part of Life Framer Collection.
- Life Framer / "A Beautiful Rugged World" - The Face of the Earth Editor's Pick.
- TouteLaCulture.com / "Foals, les poulains sauvages de la Gaité Lyrique".

 _ Awards 

- International Photography Grant / "Memory Palace" - Nominee for TALENT OF THE YEAR 2020.
- MIFA / "The Call" - Winner (Bronze) - Fine Art category.
- MIFA / "ON_OFF" - Honorable Mention - Architecture category.

 _ Exhibitions 

- Paris, France / "Forest Memories" series, at SPEOS Gallery (Group).
- Arles, France / "Forest Memories" series, work presentation during "Les Rencontres de la photographie d'Arles", Voies Off. SPEOS gallery.

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