visual/audio artist • oneirism  
 _ Work / “In Umbra Luna” 

Since the dawn of night, man has been looking up to the sky to gaze at the selene star. Subject of all fantaisies, the moon has been observed, studied, approached and conquered. From imaginary journeys to real expeditions, it was first dreamed of and then gradually mapped out.

Yet, an enigmatic phenomenon has aroused the curiosity of men since they began the study of the moon. Whatever hemisphere we look at it from, it always reveals the same face. A fact that can be explained by its period of rotation perfectly synchronized with its period of revolution around our planet. It wasn't until 1959 that a Soviet mission, Luna 3, unveiled the first image of its hidden side revealing a mountainous and rugged landscape. An endless curiosity that will lead in 2019 to the first moon landing on its hidden side to drop off a Chinese rover which will explore the lunar dust allowing at last to achieve a topography of this obscure landscape.

“In Umbra Luna” is developed as a speculative series. A photographic collection revealing the imaginary geological and mineralogical features of a little-known lunar surface.

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