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 _ Work / “Souvenirs from Earth” 

Imagine a not-so-distant future. The humankind has finally left earth for another place. For this future mankind our long lost globe remains fascinating. Our civilization dreamt of walking on the moon and flying to Mars. But what if the story was reversed? What if a futuristic travel agency called “Souvenirs from Earth” could back in time and organize Planet Earth tours to some of its most remarkable remnants?

Separated in 4 collections illustrating some major geological eras of Earth, and 1 flagship collection of animated triangles depicting the GPS coordinates where this future spaceship would land. “S.f.E” is an anticipation journey dedicated to Earth, depicting the poetry and strength of Nature.

What if this fiction became reality ?

# Main collection - GPS points (videos + music) 

# QUATERNARY era - 2M years ago (photos) 

# NEOGENE era - 19M years ago (photos) 

# JURASSIC era - 160M years ago (photos) 

# PERMIAN era - 270M years ago (photos) 

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