visual artist • oneirism  
 _ Work / “Souvenirs from Earth” (2019 - future) 

Imagine a not-so-distant future. The humankind has finally left earth for another place. Climate change made it impossible to live on the blue planet. For this future mankind our long lost globe remains fascinating. Our civilization dreamt of walking on the moon and flying to Mars. But what if the story was reversed ? What if a futuristic travel agency organized "Planet Earth" tours to some of its most iconic and remarquable remnants ?

This work depicts the exact GPS coordinates where this future spaceship would land to explore the ancient world. A journey through Earth illustrating the poetry and strength of nature. A nature for which we have developed a never-ending fascination. Yet, we took it for granted.

What if this fiction became reality ?

 © Julien Rieutort, all rights reserved